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Got your cabin or bunkie all set for the great Canadian summer of 2017? It’s Canada’s 150th Birthday and what a way to better your fun this summer than with a bunkie! Everyone knows bunkies are the sweetest little space for whatever grand vision you have for them. So what’s in your bunkie?
Bunkies are a part of cottage tradition throughout the Ontario area and spreading across Canada, and even though new uses for the traditional bunkie are exploding, the lakeside cottage bunkie is definitely still the main use of the traditional bunkie.  The original use of the bunkie was to accommodate extra company for the night at the cottage when the cottage itself was full. If your family is growing speedily, or you have a lot of friends who like to spend time lakeside with you, you likely already know how handy bunkies can be.
Are you new to Ontario cottage life? Well as time goes on and more time is spent over summers at your secret escape on the lake, the necessity for additional lakeside storage space may have you wanting a bunkie shed or two. Watersports may fill a lot of your days at the lake so safely stowing all your expensive gear is a must when you’re away from the cottage in the summer and through the winter months. A cottage tends to gradually accumulate a variety of different items, but one cottage can only hold so much.  For all your kayaks, canoes, paddles, life jackets, paddleboats, fishing boats, tackle, fishing rods, volleyball nets, lawn bowling sets, sandbox toys, four wheelers, sea-doos, patio sets, Muskoka chairs, hammocks, and so much more, a lakeside bunkie can is definitely a valuable asset to your cottage property.  
The cottage is the place to melt away all your stress and let your worries go. When you have sufficient space to stow all your belongings, the experience can be the kind of relaxation you need. You see, having all your lakeside goodies stowed away when not in use leaves you with a more natural, simple feel of serenity to the landscape of your favourite escape. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Nature and solace in the great outdoors. And when the weather breaks through into wind, rain and hail, you can sit back and watch the show because everything is safely stowed away inside your bunkies.
If you are in the Ottawa and Eastern Ontario area you can find a fantastic selection of bunkie sheds, from bunkie cabins to mini cottage bunkies to lakeside storage bunkies, and more at:  NorthCountrySheds.com

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Portable Garage Plans - Are you considering a backyard storage building or a Prefab Garage Shed you could transform into a workshop, or man cave this season? How about a shed with convenient garage door offering easy storage access for lawnmowers, motorcycles, and ATVs? If so, a wooden portable garage would make a great choice in your backyard.

Delivered fully-assembled, all of North Country Shed's prefab garages arrive to your home, cottage, or business complete and ready-for-use. This affordable garage storage solution saves you the hassle of assembling a garage kit on your own or a lengthy on-site construction process. These affordable HUGE backyard storage buildings offer amazing value, unbeatable quality, and storage capacity second-to-none.
This 12' X 20' portable garage (shown below) was recently delivered near Burlington, ON and was transformed into every man's dream garage! Fully insulated and heated, this garage workshop is always usable no matter how low the temperature drops outside. Durable wooden flooring offers added protection and comfort while working on an evening hobby. Satellite TV provides some great entertainment to sit and enjoy the game, while the wooden pine ceiling add some rustic outdoor charm.

Do you have your own portable garage ideas, goals, or dreams? Then let us know! We'd love to hear of how you're using your portable garage workshop!

Don't forget each prefab garage comes standard with the below features.
  • 50 Year Siding Warranty
  • 6 Lifetime Shingle Choices
  • Optional Windows & Door Placement
  • Heavy-Duty Garage Flooring 
  • Ontario Building Code Approved
  • Sizes from 8' X 10' to 14' X 44'
Visit Prefab Garage Plans for more information on this garage design and many others.

<![CDATA[Sheds 101 – The Basics]]>Wed, 29 Mar 2017 20:30:25 GMThttp://prefabsheds.ca/backyard-living/sheds-101-the-basicsPicture
Welcome to Sheds 101! Here you’ll learn about the great selection of sheds we have to offer to folks living in the Ottawa area and throughout eastern Ontario. We have a wide selection of garden sheds, portable sheds, and custom garages available for fully assembled delivery.

Whether you’re looking for a structure to use for gardening, storage, or as a garage we have it – and we deliver fully-assembled too! Fully-assembled delivery can save you a lot of time and money, giving you a speedy first step into your new favourite space. Keep in mind our deliveries range from our smallest shelter with dimensions of 6’x 8’ up to our 14’x 44’ size. Assembly is required on site for anything over 14’x 44’. If the installation location has difficult access, then your shelter may require assembly to be completed on site.
Other shelter options offered by North Country Sheds include gazebos, pergolas, children’s wooden play structures, horse barns, a variety of animal shelters including chicken coops, even down to cabins and the handy lean-to. All available options can be found at Prefab Garden Sheds and Garages along with a few other fun backyard items.

When looking over our prefab sheds, keep in mind that there are many customization options available to modify your storage building for optimal functionality. Customization options can add the perfect touch to the basic shed models. Things like extra windows for added sunlight, ridge vents for air circulation, insulated flooring for winter warmth, roof style options to suit your taste, as well as a variety of siding finishes. Best part of all, you get to choose your colours however you’d like them – everything is fully customizable!

This blog is a general idea of what North Country Sheds has to offer you in your search for a new backyard storage solution. Check out the category of the type of building you are looking for on our website to find all the specifications and the perfect shed for you. We hope this article has got you started on your way to your new backyard space and that you find something you like.

By using stamped engineered drawings for all of our shed sale options, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your sturdy wooden structure will serve you well for years to come. Happy shed hunting!

<![CDATA[Sheds 102 – Choosing the Right Shed]]>Wed, 29 Mar 2017 20:10:31 GMThttp://prefabsheds.ca/backyard-living/sheds-102-choosing-the-right-shedPrefab Sheds Ottawa
Are you in the market to find the perfect shed to fit your lifestyle, but wondering where to start? Maybe you just read Sheds 101 where we talk about the basics of the prefab storage sheds offered by North Country Sheds to the Ottawa area and throughout eastern Ontario. If you haven’t yet read that blog, it may also help you in making decisions about the right shed for your needs. Some key aspects to consider while choosing your shed are the space available at the installation location, storage requirements, usage needs, and accessibility options to your shed.

The first and major aspect you’ll want to consider is the space you have available in the location for your new building. After choosing this location and determining the appropriate space there are a couple related things to take into account. Think about the accessibility to your shed and where you may want your entrance (or entrances) located for the best flow of your yard and shed. Another factor to possibly consider here is the angle of the placement of the shed for optimization of the sunlight that enters your building during the day and through the seasons. Once you’ve figured out these needs, you’ll have a better idea of what size and type of building you are looking for.

The next item to determine is what your structure will be used for. What activities are going to take place in your new space? Depending on whether your structure is going to be a workshop, a studio, space for storing goods North Country Sheds has the perfect variety of Prefab Sheds and Garage choices for your building’s purpose(s).

Storage needs in general are also a crucial item to consider. If you’ve got a lot of tools or maybe you do a lot of yard work and own mowers, trimmers, shovels, rakes, - we have the perfect workshop for you! Perhaps you are looking to keep your motorized vehicles or ATVs safe from the elements. Or more simply, you may want to create a space for your studio, where you can store large canvases and more. Overall, you want to be sure you have the space to do what you want to do, while accommodating all your equipment and needs.

Choosing the right shed to fit your life is not a task to be taken lightly, so investing the time and considering all your options and requirements will ensure that you are truly satisfied with your new purchase.
To check out the line-up of sheds and specifications offered for sale and ready to be delivered directly to you in the Ottawa region and eastern Ontario area, check out our website at North Country Sheds.
<![CDATA[Sheds 103 – Enjoying Your New Prefab Shed]]>Wed, 29 Mar 2017 19:43:52 GMThttp://prefabsheds.ca/backyard-living/sheds-103-enjoying-your-new-prefab-shedprefab sheds ottawa
So you’ve made it to the best part of purchasing a new shed. Now that you’ve chosen the perfect one for you it’s time to enjoy it!
You’re probably thinking about all the items you want to store in there. Maybe you’re ready for customizing and adding personal touches. Once you’re set on how you want it all organized it’s time for DIY ventures and decorating to make it truly yours.
From lawn mowers to pool supplies, whatever you need to store, North Country Sheds has the perfect shed for you! We trust you’ve found it and are ready to go ahead with the personalization of your new found space. Maybe your new purchase will be a studio, a workshop, an prefab garage; whatever it may be we’re certain your wheels are turning with ideas of what you could do. In Sheds 102 - Choosing the Right Shed we touched on customization options available on the sheds we sell which include additional windows, ridge vents, insulated floors, varied roof styles, and siding finishes that will make your perfect shed perfect for you.

Once you have all this set in place on your new building it’s all about you. It’s time for your do-it-yourself final touches and to fill up your space. Depending on the purpose, there are so many little touches that wait to be explored. Adding little storage organization extras can help you maximize the use of your building’s space. Be creative. Corner shelving, high vertical shelving, or across a full wall can ensure maximum space is accomplished. Shelving over work benches and tables and shelving under these items leaves you even more space for other things. Check out some of these features on at North Country Sheds, so that these types of additions can be done for you by us.

Consider early if you’d want to install plumbing into your building. Maybe it’s a studio and you need a sink to rinse your paint brushes or it’s a place you may spend a lot of the day in, in which case you may want a sweet little bathroom.

Possibly you’re thinking big about tiny house living. Plumbing will be necessary, while other things to add may include a small loft up top which will require stairs of some sort. Designing a tiny house living space can be a lot of fun. Do you want permanent shelves or wardrobes built into the building itself or maybe you want to be able to switch it up with movable items. What will you want for fridge and stove options? There are so many possibilities for personal custom touches on your building that will make it just right for you. Furniture is fun regardless of your purpose. It’s always nice to relax and take a break from your work somewhere comfy.

Then you’ve got paintings, plaques, awards, trophies, and photos to display on your walls, and other touches down to your welcome sign or mat at the door. Whatever you’ve decided to do with your shed and whatever you may do in it or with it along the way - we hope you enjoy!